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D19 active theater speaker

  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 30 W output power
  • 1x 10" subwoofer, 2x tweeter
  • USB port, microSD card reader
  • Line-in, karaoke-in, guitar-in, AUX output
  • Up to 8 h of playback time

May the force of music be with you

The Kruger&Matz D19 is an active speaker which allows you to fill your space up with music, for example during outdoor aerobics, a theme party or a trip out of town. Stylish appearance of the speaker and dimensions of the hand suitcase make the device suitable for almost any interior.

The speaker is equipped with number of ports which will allow you to hook up external sources of sound. Use an USB port or microSD card slot and throw the best party ever with a perfect sound quality of tracks from your playlist. If you are still not convinced, you should know that the D19 speaker has been equipped with Bluetooth module which enables you to play music wirelessly from various mobile devices.

If your friends and you want to move the party to another location, you can transport the device in a convenient way thanks to wheels and a robust, telescopic handle. If you want to surprise your guests, connect wireless microphone and a guitar to the D19 speaker, and organize karaoke contest or live performance.

Built-in battery is an additional asset since it ensures a few hours of operation, without needing to plug the speaker into the wall outlet. Check out rich functionality of the D19 and make your parties unforgettable.

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